Can I exchange my candle/tart/freshener if I do not like the scent when it arrives?

Yes, as long as the candle has not been used or damaged in any way. Please, contact me as soon as possible and we’ll work together to find a scent that you will like!

Do you take scent requests or recommendations?

Yes, to an extent. I listen to all feedback from customers but I am unable to make a scent for just one person. I make scents that I think a large audience will enjoy and retire anything that under performs.

Who is BTS and why do you make candles based on them?

BTS is a band from South Korea that has had a great influence in my life and this shop. I started making candles after their songs because I felt so inspired while listening to their music that I wanted to create something. It turned into me embracing what I’ve always loved doing, creating art.

Are you interested in making a custom/collaborative product with other businesses and non profit organizations?

Absolutely! I am always interested in collaborating and coming up with an original idea. I’ve done this a few times with wedding planners, artists, etc. I’m also always interested in working on charity projects so please, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Do you do art trades?

Yes, I love art trades so contact me anytime and I will try to find the time to participate!

Can I stock your items in my shop/gallery/online store?

I am always open to these opportunities. Just send me an email with all the details about your shop and I’ll provide you with more information!